Even though the Japanese Kinect launch looks like a bit of a bust compared to the Times Square blow ou

Even though the Japanese Kinect launch looks like a bit of a bust compared to the Times Square blow out, it probably will move more consoles in the weekly hardware sales charts and, who knows, maybe it'll catch on via word of mouth.It is hard to gauge hardware sales and software sales from lines. Long lines do not necessarily replica Ulysse Nardin 356-68LE-3 Men's Watch mean big sales, and short lines do not necessarily mean low sales. As Japanese game blog Hatimaki points out, when the new PS3 launched, launch lines were short, but the console ended up a success for Sony. We just won't know how Kinect is doing until the official hardware sales chart hits. It might sell 10,000 units, it might sell 100,000.

While Microsoft gauges hardware sales in North America in the millions, it gauges them in the thousands in Japan. Every little bit helps. , Famitsu, Getty[]”Barack Obama did it. Google did it. Pixar did it. Now, game publisher Electronic Arts is doing its part for the It Gets Better Project, the anti-bullying campaign designed to offer hope for gay, lesbian, biual replica Ulysse Nardin 278-70.609 Men's Watch and transgender teens.The project, started by columnist and author Dan Savage, is in part a response to the recent suicides of Justin Aaberg and Billy Lucas, two gay teenagers who took their own lives after relentless bullying and harassment.

Savage and his partner Terry delivered the first It Gets Better message this September. Scores of gay, lesbian, biual and transgender adults soon followed, as did politicians, organizations and corporations, delivering a message of replica Ulysse Nardin 278-70.632 Men's Watch hope to kids suffering at the hands of their bullies.EA appears be the first video game publisher to back the initiative with a powerful video from its employees, talking about their struggles of coming out, dealing with harassment, and promising “Yes, it gets better.” We hope that EA isn't the last to do so.

Why is it good news? Because if Kinect is successful in Japan

fter going on sale earlier this month in North America, Kinect finally launched in Japan. How'd it go?There was at least one long line for Kinect, which is good news. Why is it good news? Because if Kinect is successful in Japan, hopefully that means more Japanese developers will make software for it.If Kinect isn't successful, that replica Ulysse Nardin 263-33-3.95 Men's Watch means Japanese developers could be at a disadvantage, because the product looks like it is going to be a hit worldwide, putting Japanese game companies in the position of trying to figure out what players outside the country want to play on Kinect.

Besides the obvious space issue, the real difficulty Microsoft has in Japan with Kinect is the install base. For many consumers, buying Kinect means buying an Xbox 360. In the West, where the install base is high, consumers can purchase Kinect to enrich their Xbox 360 experience. At electronics stores and toy shops, there were clear notices on windows for customers lining up for the Kamen Rider toys going on sale on November 20. At the replica Ulysse Nardin 263-33-3.96 Men's Watch stores that carry Kinect, there weren't such notices — it's as if Japanese retail has given up. That's a shame, because Kinect seems to be a truly interesting product.The surprising thing was how the Kinect displays were set up.

In some stores, such as where Microsoft held the Kinect launch in Akihabara, there were obvious Kinect displays, and consumers could easily find the product.In other stores, such as a very large electronics store in North Osaka, there were only Kinect pamphlets in the bottom row of the Kinect aisle. Consumers had to ask at the counter if the replica Ulysse Nardin 266-66-3 Men's Watch store had Kinect in store — something that doesn't exactly make for easy shopping — and clerks then had look in the stock room. Several clerks I asked weren't even quite sure what Kinect was and had to check with their supervisors.

We all are given time to play as much of the games as possible

I then select a champion for each game. (Sometimes more than one person voted for a game.)We all are given time to play as much of the games as possible.Each game's champion write's up a defense for that title. The defense is passed on to the next writer who makes their own arguments for or against. Once everyone has had their say for every game we publish the stories as a series of debates.Then a few days later, after replica Ulysse Nardin 263-66-7.62 Men's Watch we've all had time to mull over the arguments and make a final decision, we announce the single winner.Last year it was Uncharted 2.”What am I not playing this weekend might be a better question.

Why? Because on the agenda this weekend are NBA 2K11, Mass Effect 2, echochrome ii, Super Mario Bros. All-Stars and many more.As we wrap up the year and try to catch up on last minute video game reviews, while also finding the time to learn how to play basketball simulation video games—help us, Owen!—there's no lack of things to play. I'm traveling next week and may wind up taking my Xbox 360 with me, just to replica Ulysse Nardin 263-66-7 Men's Watch get some “work” done. Any video console travel tips, Kotaku readers?If you'd prefer to spout off the list of gaming goodness you have planned, make way to the comments!"Fun in the California... snow?

Heck yeah!"When Kinect went on sale in Japan, there was a big promotional event at a retailer in Akihabara. Over a hundred people lined up, and roughly half of them are now in possession of a very valuable collectible.The first 51 people in line received “Kinect Love” t-shirts signed by idols Jurina Matsui and Rena Matsui. Both of them are members of the popular music group SKE48 and appeared in the Japanese Kinect ads. replica Ulysse Nardin 353-66.323 Men's Watch Over at Japan's Yahoo! Auctions, one of those signed Kinect Love t-shirts is up for grabs. Bidding started at ¥2,000 (US$24) and is, at the time of posting, over ¥97,000 ($1,156). Keep in mind, this lot also includes a small photo signed by both singers.

Health vials are precious and you can find tons of gold just lying around in the world

Remember to look for loot between fights. Health vials are precious and you can find tons of gold just lying around in the world.7 - Use magic to your advantage. Find rings that allow a good balance of offensive and defensive spells - a well timed “Heal” spell can be the difference between destroying the God King or leaving your kid to replica Ulysse Nardin 266-33-8-92 Men's Watch mop up your mess...8 - Once a weapon is mastered it no longer gives you XP. So switch up your inventory from time to time to get your character to the highest levels. Mastered items double in value - sell them in the store if you need more gold.9 - Try using block and dodge to defend the first few attacks of an enemy combo, to get in more scratch hits between enemy moves.

After the third or fourth enemy attack, try parrying to score the larger damage window at the end of the combo, especially if you get a stab or sword clash opportunity.10 - Fast forward button - use it to quickly get to next fight (but, you may miss money/health pickups - so avoid if you need them).11 - In between fights, try to equip your items with 'gold+' attributes to get more gold from any money bags you find.12 - Mastering the art of replica Ulysse Nardin 353-66-7.314 Men's Watch parrying is the key to becoming an unstoppable sword fighter - learn to parry and you will dominate the God King!”Last week we unveiled our final picks for the Game of the Year nominees.At the time I said we'd be publishing our arguments in defense of and against the games over the month.

But after polling all of Kotaku Tower I realized that a few of us still need a bit more time to finish playing the games up for the annual award.I was also reminded that last year's awards were handed out, metaphorically speaking, in mid January, after we'd all had plenty of time to mull over our thoughts and arguments about the games.So that's what we'll be doing again this year. Sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience, but I'd rather give everyone here the additional time to prepare a solid argument then rush to replica Ulysse Nardin 353-66-7.323 Men's Watch judgement.For those of you who missed last year's Game of the Year debates, here's how it works:I poll everyone at the tower for their choice for game of the year.


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The dirt on the ferry window, the vignetting caused by the sky and its reflection on the water, and the shocking tranquility of a just-crashed plane with replica omega Omega Seamaster 300 M GMT watches passengers calmly waiting in rafts add up to make this one for the history books. Talking heads will likely make much of the speed that this photo reached the public, but thats not why it became a viral sensation. Its about the photo itself. —Grayson

Lei Wang may be about to accomplish something by her calculations only nine other peoplehave done thus far: stand on top of the 7 Summits and ski the lastdegree to north and south poles – assuming she summits Everest about 3months from now.Growing up in China, Lei spent her weekends catching fish and shrimpbut not thinking of swiss replica watches climbing mountains and adventure. Her dream was tobe a doctor, a scientist or maybe a writer. Her parents neverconsidered her hidden passion for exploration.But all that changed when she stood on top of Kilimanjaro.

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